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Dates 2019


Saturday 7th September
Splinter Studios
Wednesbury WS10 7DF

Sunday 6th October
Knowle B93 0LY

Wednesday 23rd October
Acoustic Cafe 30
Harborne Road B15 3AA

Sunday 3rd November
The Station
Kings Heath B14 7BB




Queen's Head



Actress & Bishop



The Maverick



The Old Bulls Head

Lower Gornal


Played So Far .......

Local Open Mic Nights 2016-2019 (updated 13/6/19 - 81:237)

The Queens Head, Wolverley

    May 30th 2016

    June 21st 

    ***July 12th


    August 16th

    November 15th

    May 2nd 2017

    January 2nd 2018

    July 10th

    February 26th 2019

The Scary Canary, Stourbridge

    July 17th 2016

    September 18th

    December 11th

    February 26th 2017

    March 26th

Claptrap, Stourbridge

    April 8th 2018

    January 13th 2019

    April 28th

The Country Girl, Selly Oak

    September 29th 2016

The High Acres, Kingswinford

    October 6th 2016

Katie Fitzgeralds, Stourbridge

    October 20th 2016

    December 15th

    January 19th 2017

    March 23rd

    April 20th

    May 28th

    June 17th

    October 7th

    November 16th

    April 19th 2018

    April 22nd

    May 5th

    August 26th

Sportsman, Kidderminster

    November 10th 2016

Cosy Coffee, Northfield

    November 26th 2016 

The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham

    December 28th 2016

    February 8th 2017

    May 17th

    December 14th

    April 4th 2018

    May 15th 2019

No Covers Club, Moseley

    February 14th 2017

    March 2nd

    July 6th

No Covers Club, Lichfield

    August 25th 2017

    March 29th 2019

Black Lab, Kings Heath

    April 6th 2017

    June 1st

Muso Monday, Kings Heath

    June 12th 2017

Three Horseshoes, West Bromwich

    August 8th 2017

The Griffin, Dudley

    August 13th 2017

    September 10th

    October 8th

JudgeStock, West Bromwich

    August 27th 2017

    August 25th 2018

The Midland, Bearwood

    November 5th 2017

    February 17th 2019

The Mitre, Stourbridge

    December 2nd 2017

The Station, Dudley

    March 5th 2018

    July 2nd

Fletchers, Kings Heath

    March 13th 2018

    May 1st

    July 1st

The Lighthouse, Wolverhampton

    March 23rd 2018

    June 15th

    March 22nd 2019

    May 3rd

Britannia, Rowley Village

    April 18th 2018

Red Lion, Shirley

    June 20th 2018

Royal Oak, Gnosall

    June 21st 2018

Crosswells, Langley

    August 16th 2018

    January 17th 2019

    February 21st

    May 23rd

The Abbey, Bearwood

    September 28th 2018

    December 21st

    May 31st 2019

Olde Crowne, Stourport

    January 4th 2019

Dog & Doublet, Wolverhampton

    January 31st 2019

George V, Sheldon

    May 22nd 2019

The Maverick, Amblecote

    June 29th 2016

    July 13th

    ***August 10th


    September 7th

    October 5th (showcase)

    January 4th (showcase) 2017


    March 8th

    September 13th

    May 23rd 2018 (showcase)

    November 7th (s)

    April 24th 2019

The Rose & Crown, Wordsley

    August 9th 2016

    September 13th

The Windsor, Bearwood

    October 13th 2016

    November 17th

    September 23rd 2018

    November 4th

    December 30th

    April 21st 2019

The Tap & Spile, Birmingham

    October 18th 2016

    March 14th 2017 (showcase)

    August 15th (showcase)

    November 7th (showcase)

    February 27th 2018 (showcase)

    May 22nd (showcase)

    October 9th

Cogs Bar, Birmingham

    October 26th 2016

    January 25th 2017 (showcase)

Holly Bush, Cradley Heath

    December 3rd 2016
    December 27th
    March 25th

    April 13th 2017

    November 25th

Six Eight Kafé, Birmingham

    December 10th 2016 (showcase)

The Stile, Wolverhampton

    January 27th 2017

Victoria-Katz, Walsall

    February 22nd 2017

    September 27th

    May 9th 2018

    June 13th

    August 8th

    December 12th

    January 23rd 2019

    March 27th

    June 12th

Base Studios, Stourbridge

    April 14th 2017 (showcase)

1000 Trades Bar, Hockley

    July 20th 2017 (showcase)

Three Tuns, Sutton Coldfield

    May 16th 2017

    July 4th (showcase)

    May 29th 2018 (showcase)

    January 8th 2019

Brewhouse & Kitchen, Sutton

    May 31st 2017 (showcase)

    JULY 1st - booked

The Station, Kings Heath

    August 24th 2017


    September 21st

    February 20th 2018

    March 29th

    May 6th

    August 12th

    November 25th

    June 2nd 2019

Medleys, Northfield

    October 23rd 2017

Rain Studios, Kings Heath

    September 30th 2017

    March 31st 2018

Kings Head, Blakenall

    August 23rd 2017

British Oak, Stirchley

    January 4th 2018

The Odd Fellows, Redditch

    March 6th 2018

Sutton Tap, Sutton Coldfield

    March 15th 2018

Three Horseshoes, Stirchley

    April 3rd 2018

Dog & Gun, Tettenhall

    May 2nd 2018

    January 9th 2019

Bell Inn, Eccleshall

    May 16th 2018

    July 25th

Clarendon, Wolverhampton

    July 28th 2018

Bonded Warehouse, Stourbridge

    August 31st 2018

Gunmakers Arms, Birmingham

    February 22nd 2019

Beacon Way, Bloxwich

    April 14th 2019

The Cross Inn, Kinver

    February 2nd 2017

Cock & Magpie, Bewdley

    July 4th 2016

    July 25th

    August 29th

    September 19th

    October 14th

The Longhorn, Walsall

    September 25th 2016

The Brook, Woodsetton

    July 21st 2016

Chaos Acoustic @ The Old Moseley Arms

    ***September 4th 2016

    ***January 8th 2017


    May 28th

    August 13th

    February 25th 2018

    June 24th

    July 22nd

    October 28th

    February 14th 2019

    May 26th

The Sportsman, Harborne

    November 1st 2016

The Roadhouse, Stirchley

     *** November 3rd 2016 (showcase)

*** WATCH LIVE VIDEOS ***            

    November 21st

    December 5th

    December 24th

        supporting WEST COAST EAGLES

    January 15th 2017

        supporting TRAVELIN MAN

    February 6th

    May 8th

    July 10th

The Dog Inn, Bearwood

    February 23rd 2017

    March 30th

    May 25th

    June 29th

    October 26th

Swan Sessions, Stourport

    April 5th 2017

    May 3rd

    September 6th

    November 15th

    April 11th 2018

    June 6th

    July 18th

    January 16th 2019

White Horse, Harborne

    April 26th 2017

    June 18th

    September 6th

Urban Village, Selly Oak

    June 7th 2017

Acoustic Cafe, B'ham

    July 29th 2017

    October 28th

    January 27th 2018

    May 4th

The Fountain, Lower Gornal

    June 8th 2017

    June 29th

    August 10th

    September 14th

    November 9th

The Old Bulls Head, Gornal

    January 25th 2018

    February 22nd

    April 12th

    April 26th

    July 19th

    December 20th

    January 24th 2019

    March 21st

    May 16th

 The Fellows, Dudley

    November 2nd 2017

 The Dark Horse, Moseley

    November 22nd 2017

    January 24th 2018

The Red Lion, Kings Heath

    March 17th 2018

    August 4th (s)

Woodfield CC, Penn

    April 13th 2018

    June 8th

    August 10th

Prince of Wales, Moseley

    May 15th 2018

Tower Of Song, Stirchley

    July 13th 2018

Olde Foundry, Dudley

    September 13th 2018 (s)

    December 13th

Hollywood SC, Erdington

    October 26th 2018

    May 17th 2019

Sow & Pigs, West Bromwich

    February 1st 2019

    April 5th

Towers Inn, Great Barr

    March 13th 2019

    May 8th